With the election coming up by the day and the COVID pandemic in effect for almost the entire year now, the main thing about gun sales is getting them as fast as possible. So I was glad when I went to Primary Arms to do some shopping for my wife and I. I got her the Glock 43 subcompact and I got myself the 9mm AR pistol. Here is the review of my experience with Primary Arms and the two guns I purchased from them. 

Primary Arms is a very straight forward company. However one of the things I like especially about them is that they not only carry complete guns, but they sell parts to most of the platforms they have available. So if you are a builder, sourcing some parts from them could be a good idea. Other than that, they are a pretty standard gun store. They have an enormously large selection of parts and accessories especially for the AR-15 and picatinny rail systems. 

The 9MM AR pistol works handsomely and is definitely one of the better 9mm shooters I have in my collection. I think with a better grip, maybe from Magpul, it would be darn near perfect. I just can’t stand by the all-to-basic grip in any build and I always opt for a better one from somewhere else.  The Glock works pretty reliably, although my wife needs a little more practice with it. She is relatively new to shooting, and handguns can be a little trickier to handle when you haven’t come from that kind of background. 

Primary Arms is a very good company, they ship out in about 3 days, and in Florida, that works perfectly enough for me to take it home the day it comes in. Check out Primary Arms. You won’t be disappointed. 


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