PRI Delta Rail Review
PRI Delta Rail Review

I wanted to talk to you guys today about the Precision Reflex Inc. Delta rail. These are not your standard AR-15 rails as  it is a polymer based rail that is lightweight and very innovative in its design. It is cleverly designed to hold rails of all sizes and makes for one of the best special purpose rails on the market for civilians. Here is what you can expect from the PRI GIII Delta rail from Precision Reflex Inc. 

The Delta rail is a very lightweight, yet durable design. It features a triangular shape with rounded edges to increase structural integrity, while remaining as lightweight as possible. What I love about the rail is that it is super easy to hold because the triangular shape helps you close your grip a little better. Sometimes with keymods and other conventional handguards, you might get your thumb sticking up, ruining your sight picture. With the Delta Rail, you can manage your gripe more precisely so issues like that don’t pop up. 

You can house whatever kind of attachments you want with its adaptive rail mount system. It is a pretty fancy way of saying there are enough holes in the handguard to put rails of any size on it to mount attachments onto. The installation is very easy and requires just as many steps as it takes to put on a regular handguard. However, you will need to install the picatinny rails while it is not attached to the upper. 

I think this handguard is a good fit for the AR-15, but it is also a good airsoft accessory too. Airsoft requires a lot of quick movements, but if you have an AR style airsoft gun, I think you could get a nice custom look and a good functional appeal to it as well, I highly recommend the PRI Delta Rail.


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