AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher

FireQuest AR-15 Golf Ball Launcher Review

While searching online -very spontaneously I might add- I came across a website called  Firequest who seems to specialize in clearance firearm parts and accessories. I was actually in...
Aero Precision: AR15 ATLAS R-ONE M-LOK Handguard Review

Aero Precision: AR15 ATLAS R-ONE M-LOK Handguard Review

The Atlas  R-One MLok handguard from Aero Precision is one handguard to rule them all. However it is not cheap. And that's why some, especially budget builders and buyers...
Vortex OPMOD StrikeFire II MOA Red

OPMOD Vortex StrikeFire II by OpticsPlanet Review

The optics world is heavily saturated with gimmicky and nuanced gadgetry under the promise of functionality and ease of use. However, I find that it is all too easy to find...
Steel Fox Firearms Review

Steel Fox Firearms Review

I am an avid supporter of smaller online gun stores. They typically have much cheaper prices and better customer service. At least, you can expect to be answered from...
Buds Gun Shop

Buds Gun Shop Review

Chances are, if you have seen popular gun youtuber, Hickok45, then you have heard about Buds Gun Shop. He always prefaces his videos with some sort of nod or “thank you”...
Luth-AR MBA-5 Buttstock Review

Luth-AR MBA-5 Buttstock Review

The Luth AR MBA-5 buttstock is a design by Luth AR for an AR-15 adjustable stock which is designed to improve accuracy and comfort on the range. And after...
FIMS Firearms

FIMS Firearms AR Build Review

The only way for a company to one up its competition in the AR-15 market is to make it easier to get. Competitive shipping times and streamlined user interfaces are the...
Atlas BT10 Bipod From Mount Surplus Review

Atlas BT10 Bipod From Mount Surplus Review

I will be reviewing an item I haven’t seen much of on here. I think the accessories on a firearm really make the firearm useful past its original functionality. Versatility and...
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