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Bravo CompanyBCM Bolt Carrier Group AUTO Review

Being my first purchase from Bravo Company, I was very pleased with their BCM bolt carrier MPI Auto. It offers some of the smoothest cycling in any BCG I...

Windham .223 and .300 BLK MCS Review

The Windham .223 and .300 blk MCS was a bit pricey for me, but it performs well. Essentially it is made to quickly convert your AR-15 setup from a .223 to...

AR-15 Upper receiver Review

What is an AR-15 Upper receiver? The receiver of an AR-15 is broken into two main parts, the upper and lower receivers. The design of the...
Luth-AR MBA-5 Buttstock Review

Luth-AR MBA-5 Buttstock Review

The Luth AR MBA-5 buttstock is a design by Luth AR for an AR-15 adjustable stock which is designed to improve accuracy and comfort on the range. And after...

Thunder Tactical: Worth the Wait?

I have been through many AR-15 websites. As in my previous review, building AR-15s is a very fun hobby of mine, and I love to look online for the...

Ormond Arms Review: Worth the Buy?

I have been to a lot of websites, looking for good prices on AR-15 80% lower parts. I enjoy building very much to the point where it is almost...
American Weapons Components: AR-15 Extended Charging Handle Review

American Weapons Components: AR-15 Extended Charging Handle Review

AR-15s are prized for their ability to be customized and changed over time. However because the platform is so open to change, it is much more susceptible to having...
Thunder Guns Review

Thunder Guns Review

With a plethora of quick, snippy information out there, it is hard to come across accurate and detailed information. In a world where people read only the headlines, substantial...
Charging handle

Tactical Expressions AMBI Charging Handle Review

A charging handle on an AR-15 can only be characterized by its ability to do its job. So when it can't, it is useless. That is what I thought...
Ammunition Depot Complete Lower Review

Ammunition Depot Complete Lower Review

I bought the Ammunition Depot AR-15 complete lower off the internet a while back. I have since tested fire it with one of my uppers from another build to kinda get...
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