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HOGUE AR-15 GT Series Grip and Stock Review

The technological advancements people have made with the AR-15 platform are exceptional. Hogue is no exception to this rule as their continuous steer towards providing better AR-15 equipment has held strong...

Palmetto State Armory

An introduction for this company is almost unnecessary as it has been one of the main sources for buying firearms online for a long time. Palmetto State Armory is...

Windham .223 and .300 BLK MCS Review

The Windham .223 and .300 blk MCS was a bit pricey for me, but it performs well. Essentially it is made to quickly convert your AR-15 setup from a .223 to...
Charging handle

Tactical Expressions AMBI Charging Handle Review

A charging handle on an AR-15 can only be characterized by its ability to do its job. So when it can't, it is useless. That is what I thought...

Bravo CompanyBCM Bolt Carrier Group AUTO Review

Being my first purchase from Bravo Company, I was very pleased with their BCM bolt carrier MPI Auto. It offers some of the smoothest cycling in any BCG I...
AR15.site Review

AR15.Site Review

Before I get into my review of AR15.site, I will go over a bit of context for what I experienced online searching for parts. I am sure we all...
Ammunition Depot Complete Lower Review

Ammunition Depot Complete Lower Review

I bought the Ammunition Depot AR-15 complete lower off the internet a while back. I have since tested fire it with one of my uppers from another build to kinda get...
Thunder Guns Review

Thunder Guns Review

With a plethora of quick, snippy information out there, it is hard to come across accurate and detailed information. In a world where people read only the headlines, substantial information is...
Luth-AR MBA-5 Buttstock Review

Luth-AR MBA-5 Buttstock Review

The Luth AR MBA-5 buttstock is a design by Luth AR for an AR-15 adjustable stock which is designed to improve accuracy and comfort on the range. And after...
American Weapons Components: AR-15 Extended Charging Handle Review

American Weapons Components: AR-15 Extended Charging Handle Review

AR-15s are prized for their ability to be customized and changed over time. However because the platform is so open to change, it is much more susceptible to having...
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